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Amid 'Circus' Scene, Texas Senate OKs Abortion Bill

Amid 'Circus' Scene, Texas Senate OKs Abortion Bill

(NEWSER– Texas' Senate passed its contentious abortion bill last night in no uncertain terms, reports theHouston Chroniclevoting 19-11 to send the legislation to Gov. Rick Perry for final approval. Perry has left no doubt that he'll sign "our historic effort to protect life," and yesterday praised legislators who “tirelessly defended our smallest and most vulnerable Texans and future Texans.” The Chronicle notes that "a circus-like atmosphere" dominated the Capitol, with thousands of the bill's orange-clad opponents facing off against its blue-clad supporters as legislators dangled baby shoes and sonograms, and security reportedly confiscated glitter, tampons, jars of urine, and the like. One guy's orange T-shirt summed up the testy mood, adds the New York Times: “@TXLEGE: U R dumb."

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